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5 creative reasons youth should choose Agriculture

by Agric Economy
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Youth in agriculture

Even a blind man can see that any youth who wants to be creative should lean toward agriculture given the widespread food crisis in Nigeria and indeed the whole world.

How many negative elements should we allude to? We all blame the Russian-Ukrainian war now that a loaf of bread costs N1,000. Or is it the coronavirus pandemic, which snuck in and wrecked even the world’s most secure economies? What, exactly?

Sincerely, before now, the very mention of agriculture made us all feel sick. But the truth still stands: Only those who own farms can dare to consume the traditional three square meals each day. This merely means that agriculture is the Midas Touch that will free Naija from poverty and all of Nigeria’s restless young.

Don’t even consider it once. When it comes to eliminating poverty, agriculture is more beneficial than other aspects. Because this will affect how the economy and the world evolve in the future, the world is relying more and more on agriculture to increase food production that is nutrient-dense for its burgeoning population and raise people’s standard of living.

All of this is just unnecessary bluster; if you really want to be a creative young person, think about occupations in agriculture such as farming, agribusiness, food production, and the countless opportunities in the food industry. You don’t want to be a young, lazy person. Do you? Obviously not! Agric is the solution!

Here are five original arguments for why young people, and anyone else, should choose agriculture.

1. Agriculture is secure

By 2050, the world’s population is anticipated to surpass 9 billion people. Considering that it has grown quickly from an estimated 7.4 billion people to now, agriculture has bright future potential. All of these indicate that individuals will constantly be hungry and require food.

2. You would feed not only your generation but also yourself

How about that? Working in a sector that is necessary for human life is very pleasant and rewarding. However, that’s farming for you. As farmers, it is our duty to maintain the environment’s aesthetic quality for coming generations.

3. Working in agriculture requires tech-savvy

Are your pupils still expanding? Please immediately reinstall them in their sockets. Haha! But it is the reality. Agriculture is the industry for you if you’re a young person who wants to enter the dominant realm of technology. Do you recall Agritech, one of the agricultural subsectors? Done now! There’s a whole new world here.

4. Agriculture is pervasive

Today, agriculture is comparable to a self-contained metropolis. Literally! It can be found both in urban and rural regions – wherever you can imagine. All of this means that just by considering a career in agriculture, you are already successful!

5. The feeling of unemployment fades

Ever felt the teeth of unemployment? Biting is putting it mildly. Family, it’s no joke. There are many different jobs in the agriculture sector, ranging from food safety and marketing to IT and equipment operators.

You have it now! If you want to begin a career in agriculture or if you have already begun but need some assistance, check back frequently on this blog called Agric Economy, if only for the purpose of receiving vital updates.

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