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SUPPORTING OUR CATTLE FARMERS: 3 ways to enjoy your Beef this Christmas

by Agric Economy
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HURRAY! Christmas is around the corner. There’s everything to love Christmas for. The ultimate of them all is FOOD.

Despite the fact that the origins of many Christmas food customs date back thousands of years, some of the food we enjoy today is still the same.

But, here is a twist: Christmas season is the best time to patronage the Nigerian cattle farmers just to continue to support their business in your own little way. Yes, because cattle farming is expensive to maintain.

But don’t forget it is a lucrative business that anyone may start and profit from indefinitely. As a result, it has been called one of Nigeria’s most lucrative industries. A fully matured cattle can be sold for roughly N400,000, and in some circumstances considerably more.

Therefore, doing beef for Xmass? Here are some beef recipes you might try this holiday season:

1. Asun

Actually, Asun needs no introduction. Asun (Spicy Roast Goat) is a mouthwatering dish of spicy roasted goat that has been sliced into bite-sized pieces and is flavored with bell peppers, habaneros, onions, and garlic. hot, searing, and smoked! Definitely not a task for the timid. native to the Ondo people in western Nigeria, who speak the Yoruba language. Asun tastes best when eaten with other meals like noodles or rice, but it can also be enjoyed on its own with cold beverages.

2. Roast beef

Typically served as the main course of a meal, roast beef is a dish made with roasted beef. Roast beef is one of the meats that is frequently eaten for Christmas lunch or even dinner.   A fresh take on the traditional pairing of roast beef and mustard will not be bad this Christmas. Think about it.

3. Rib-eye with pink peppercorns and roasted onions

The combination of a rare rack of rib eye and roasted onions shouts Christmas lunch more than anything!

A spectacular Christmas roast fits the bill for the joyful and joyous dinners that the holiday season demands. 

Truly, the most common and most easily accessible type of meat in Nigeria is beef. This makes cattle farming acceptable and highly profitable across the country.

The growing of cattle for commercial reasons is a part of the cattle farming industry. Anyone may start this incredibly lucrative business and start making money. It can be quite capital intensive – the very reason, Nigerian families should make more beef meals this Christmas.

 Happy Christmas!

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