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Why You should go into Beans Farming Immediately

by Agric Economy
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Beans farming

We don’t need to introduce beans. Do we? In this region of the continent, everyone is familiar with and likes a variety of bean dishes.

Before you become skeptical, let’s even give you this crucial value right away: How to store your beans properly! To prevent any signs of infection, preserve your beans properly. Dry it till it becomes brittle and rigid. Dried, cool, airtight storage away from direct sunlight is the best place for your dry beans.

Bean weevils have always been an issue for farmers. Weevils also referred to as bruchids, are a farmer’s worst nightmare. It’s interestingly easy to keep them out. Just make sure your beans are thoroughly dried and that they are stored in a clean/spotless environment. Also make sure you occasionally expose it to the sun, say once per month. Weevils and other pests will be eliminated, and the moisture content will be decreased.

Dry beans are the most popular food in Nigeria. The kinds with larger seeds and larger pods, which can be consumed fresh or dried, are good for shelling. The common bean’s unripe pods are known as green beans. Typically, the crop is taken before the seeds have finished developing. Green beans, also known as French or haricot beans, are similarly delectable but must be consumed raw, as the name implies. Additionally, you can add it to a recipe, like a salad. 

Importantly, dry bean cultivation becomes the last alternative in a nation like Nigeria with few or no long-term storage facilities. You may simply grow dry beans and preserve them after harvest for a long time to enjoy nutritious, delectable bean dishes like Moi-Moi, Akara, and Beans porridge. All these benefits of beans undoubtedly increase the sense of fulfillment that comes with growing your own beans in Nigeria.

Beans are a member of the enormous Fabaceae family, often known as the Leguminoseae. Peas, pulse crops, peanuts, and soybeans are among the family’s additional food crops.

Are you still debating why you should start a bean farm? Not necessary. Just do it because there are too many advantages, which include:

  • In Nigeria and throughout Africa, beans are a staple diet.
  • Despite being the second-largest crop farmed in Nigeria and all of Africa, beans are insufficient still.
  • Folic acid and B vitamins are abundant in beans. Additionally, it is rich in fiber and has many minerals, including calcium, magnesium, potassium, iron, and selenium.
  • Young farmers and women in particular invest in common beans to increase their wealth and meet the needs of their families.
  • High demand: Both the southern and northern regions of the country have a significant need for beans. Typically, beans are cooked to create a range of cuisines such as rice and beans, Akara, Moi-Moi, beans and yam, etc. It means anybody looking to farm should get started already.

Hope this thrilled you? Now go ahead. Take this beginner’s guide and start growing beans anywhere you may be in Nigeria.

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