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5 reasons to fall in love with Agriculture

by Agric Economy
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Why are you still taking your time to fall in love with agriculture when there is famine in the country?

Without sugarcoating it, the veil that had covered our sight for so long has now vanished. As the days go by, we can see that agriculture actually contains ALL the solutions to all of our problems with poverty.

In the past, many young people in poor countries tended to avoid choosing careers in agriculture. This is due to a widespread misconception that agriculture entails an antiquated way of life and a future with few chances for young people. but no longer!

Evidence suggests that anyone may successfully harvest success and cultivate a sustainable future through agriculture. In other words, here are 5 reasons you should fall in love with agriculture right away:

1. Better career and employment opportunities

The agricultural industry offers countless job and career prospects. After successfully completing your courses, you don’t need to worry about finding employment. Because governments fund the studies, the agricultural sector offers a wide range of employment prospects. Depending on your area of expertise, you may choose to launch your own private business. After graduation, you have the option of continuing your education to qualify for more advanced prospects or working in one of the many agro-allied businesses. You also have a possibility to find employment as an agricultural science graduate in the banking or biotech industries.

2. Farming is still the way of the future.

Food and a future are both dependent on agriculture. The supply of food and raw materials for industries around the world depends on farmers raising plants and animals. Therefore, agriculture has the potential to completely alleviate poverty, and the industry requires young people who are energetic and driven. You are deciding to do your part to advance humanity by enrolling in the course.

3. Agriculture is now primarily a field for young people

In Uganda, a youthful team from the World Bank and UNICEF quickly assisted 190,000 farmers in saving their bananas, a key meal for Ugandans, from a dangerous disease by using a mobile and web-based software called “U-Report.” Developing nations like Kenya and Rwanda are likewise eager to increase production through ICTs and other inventive approaches. Thanks to an increasing number of young tech-savvy minds who make it happen, agriculture in the poor world has transformed into a field thriving with useful inventions.

4. If you’re a nerd, feel free to fall in love with agriculture

Agriculture can be the best field for you if you’re a “young nerd” interested in development research. Numerous examples from East Africa and other regions have demonstrated how research affects livelihoods and revolutionizes agriculture. Climate change and the rising need for nutrient-dense food make it more important than ever for innovative approaches and updated information to investigate ICT in agriculture, promote climate-smart agriculture, and innovate in the sector to drive future prosperity.

5. There is an increasing trend among young people to choose careers in agriculture.

According to a World Bank analysis: Young educated Cameroonians “have decided to become farmers, acquire land, cultivate maize professionally for trade, and manage their enterprises in order to earn a living,” in a country where agriculture is becoming more competitive.

Hey! Easy! Are you just going to fall in love with agriculture, just like that? LOL. Oh…please, fall yakata as we would say in the Naija palance. Don’t look back. Don’t hold back. Agriculture is everything!

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