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8 excellent benefits of growing your own farm in today’s Nigeria

by Agric Economy
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Naturally, given the way modern Nigeria is set up, you would save money even if you just grow a little garden for fresh food.

It’s amazing how easily you can cultivate your own food. In backyards everywhere, suburban and urban farming is successfully practiced. On a tiny amount of land, it is also being done with great yields. You don’t have to reside in the country to create your own tiny farm! Food is being grown, processed, and distributed everywhere in cities through urban farming.

Here are 8 great advantages of having a farm in modern Nigeria:

1. Saves money on all fronts

If you can cultivate your own food on a greater scale, you’ll save money over the long term as well as on immediate expenses. In general, you and your loved ones won’t ever again go hungry.

2. Food freshness is assured

When a farm is in your backyard, the phrase “farm to table” has a new meaning! In comparison to store-bought produce, fruits, and vegetables that ripen naturally in the garden and are eaten soon after harvest contain more nutrients. The majority of the veggies that line the produce aisle in grocery stores are harvested early, transported to warehouses, distributed to the shops, and then stored or kept on the shelf until you decide to buy them. Fruits and vegetables lose some of their nutritious value as time goes on. Fruits and vegetables that have just been picked not only taste better, but they are also more nutrient-dense.

3. Environmentally friendly

Produce is transported across long distances using a lot of fossil fuels. Growing your own food would make it easier to rely less on this environmentally damaging transportation.

4. Possibility to learn something new

Growing your own food is a hands-on, interesting topic that can be learned about by having a garden. It connects individuals to the food they consume and is excellent for instructing children.

5. Aesthetic benefit

Would you like to add some color to your space? Gardening achieves this! Gardens not only generate a lot of fresh food, but they also enhance the appearance of your backyard.

6. Self-actualization

Nothing can possibly match the satisfaction you have from eating food that you prepared yourself, we promise. Why don’t you try growing your own food?

7. Health advantages

Before you even taste your vegetables, gardening may provide you with one vital nutrient: vitamin D. The sun’s rays encourage the development of vitamin D, which is essential for good health. Every day for roughly 30 minutes, you can improve your sleep and increase your positive energy. Just keep the sunscreen in mind.

8. Assists you in understanding what you’re eating

You have more control over the food your family consumes if you grow your own produce. You choose the type of pest control, water, fertilizer, and whether or not to grow organically. Make sure to research the upcoming topics.

Now tell us in the comments. Would you give gardening a shot now that you know the benefits?

Happy growing!

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