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10 high yield crops to grow and harvest 3-4 times in a year

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Not everyone wants to wait for a whole year before harvest, and this article would show you the high yield crops to grow and harvest 3-4 times in a year.

Agribusiness entrepreneurs can plan their finances on these short term crops as you can easily cash out in 90 days or less, depending on which you go for.

It also lowers your risk as a beginner because the less time you spend from planting to harvest, the fewer variables and risk involved in your farmland / business venture.

These are some of the crops you can harvest within 3 months in Nigeria;

1. Ewedu (Jute leaves)

Ewedu is a wonder plant that you can start harvesting from 30 days after planting. It is widely used for the popular Ewedu soup in the south western part of Nigeria. Planting is by the seeds on well-prepared beds.

Ewedu is very easy to plant and manage until harvest, either as a backyard farm or on a commercial scale. Agribusiness entrepreneurs would make more money from cultivating Ewedu during the dry season.. 

2. Ugwu (Fluted Pumpkin)

Ugwu is a leafy vegetable that you can start harvesting 30 days after planting, just like the Ewedu. It is majorly used for soups as well as a medicinal herb in Nigeria.

Ugwu is planted by the seed, in a well drained loamy soil. Best practices suggest that you attach a stick close to the ugwu stem as it loves to crawl and climb in order to grow well. It’s always best to prepare for irrigation if going into farming on a commercial scale as these vegetables attract more value during the dry season.

3. Okra

Okra is a special vegetable used for the okra and ogbono soup delicacies. You can start harvesting your okra after 40 days from planting, making it a highly lucrative investment. 

Okra can be sold fresh, dried or as seeds. Okra has a short shelf life after harvesting, so the agribusiness entrepreneur should have a ready market before harvesting.

4. Watermelon

Watermelon is a widely accepted fruit that grows all over Nigeria. You can start harvesting in 75 days, and can achieve a cycle of 3-4 times per annum. Watermelon requires adequate water supply for optimum growth, along with the required fertilisers and good agro practices. The yield for a hectare is estimated to be about 2 tonnes.

It does better in hot and dry climates – this is the reason it’s mostly cultivated in the Northern part of Nigeria. The beginning and toward the end of the rainy season is best for watermelon. The reason for this is because of the low humidity levels associated with this period.

5. Cucumber

Cucumber is a money spinner for a lot of agribusiness entrepreneurs. This highly profitable fruit can be harvested within 3 months of planting. It has a high demand in the market, especially the culinary world.

6. Lettuce

Lettuce, a vegetable used in salad making, is fast becoming widely adopted by a lot of Nigerians especially those who care for fine dining. Depending on the variety, harvesting starts from 45 days after planting. 

Due to the short shelf life of lettuce, the agribusiness entrepreneur should have prepared a ready market before harvest. 

7. Maize

Everybody eats maize, and almost all industries use a by-product of maize. Amazingly, maize can be cultivated throughout the year using proper irrigation systems. Depending on the variety, you can harvest your maize from 90 days to 120 days.. 

Success in maize farming starts from proper land preparation and adhering to good agronomic practices on the farm. You can make more money from your maize through processing it into by-products or finished products.

8. Cabbage

Depending on the variety you choose to cultivate, you can harvest your cabbages within 100 days of planting. It is a very profitable crop that can grow almost anywhere in Nigeria. 

However, cabbage requires a good temperate condition for maximum yield. It is best to harvest your cabbages when the heads are fully firm and matured.

9. Tomatoes

Cultivating tomatoes have proven to be a profitable agribusiness venture without much risk. You can begin harvesting from your tomato farm after about 90 days. Tomato fruits are widely used in every home, and they are rich in antioxidant, vitamins A, C etc. 

Ensure you set up a good irrigation system to maintain an even moisture supply to the crop. This would help actualize maximum yield for your tomato plant.

10. Pepper

Depending on the variety you choose to cultivate, you can harvest your pepper from 90 days of planting. 

Pepper is very profitable, and most varieties would give at least 4 solid months of continuous harvest to the agribusiness entrepreneur.

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