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3 weird revelations from the film ‘Eating our way to extinction’

by Agric Economy
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eating our way to extinction

In this new age of plant-based eating and advocacy, new Film ‘Eating Our Way to Extinction’ Exposes what can be termed ‘weird revelations’ looking at the title of the film alone.

‘Eating Our Way to Extinction’ is a brand-new non-graphic film that investigates how the global ecological crisis is exacerbated by our food system. The groundbreaking video, which is narrated by Academy Award winner, Kate Winslet, includes undercover footage, stunning revelations from prominent politicians and scientists, and firsthand testimonies from Indigenous people who are directly impacted by animal agribusiness and climate change.

Quoting popular Hollywood actor, Leonardo DiCaprio: “The film future generations will be wishing everyone watched today.”

In fact, owners of the project made the film available to watch for free on YouTube, apparently to get new converts for their new way of eating. They ended condemning that animal agribusiness is a significant contributor to environmental damage.

If you’re yet to see this new movie, Agric Economy was able to put together 3 weird revelations from the film, “Eating our way to extinction. Here below:

  1. Regardless of actions taken to reduce carbon dioxide emissions, current rates of methane emissions could cause the planet to overheat past a critical point. And a major contributor to methane emissions is animal agriculture.
  1. The loss of biodiversity would be considerably reduced if there was a global move toward plant-based diets.
  2. A significant contributor to global warming, responsible for 15% of greenhouse gas emissions created by humans, is the production of animals for food.

 In critiquing plan-based diet, we all know that the diet does not necessarily mean healthy.

A couple of research shows that diets that used plant-based alternatives in place of animal products had levels of sodium, sugar, and saturated fat that were higher and were below the daily guidelines for vitamin B12, calcium, potassium, zinc, and magnesium.

Plant-based foods are not nutritionally equivalent, even with extra vitamins and minerals, according to Stephan van Vliet, a postdoctoral associate at the Duke Molecular Physiology Institute. He proves that meat made from plants is not the same as meat made from cows, and vice versa.

What’s really the hoopla about? Please tell us in the comments. What do you think about this burning issue? Are you a vegan?

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