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10 agro-allied industries and their raw materials

by Agric Economy
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agri-allied industry

Here is a list of 10 agro-based industries and their raw materials. 

Furniture industry: 

Raw materials: Trees, Rubber 

Milling industry: 

Raw material: Maize, millet, groundnut, oyster shells, fish bone, yam, cassava, plantain, cocoyam, coconut. 

Textile industry: 

Raw material: Cotton, jute, silk, wool

Additives and confectionery industries: 

Raw material: Fruits, nuts, milk derivatives, thickeners, acidifiers, aromas, sweeteners, sugar substitutes, vegetable fibres, honey.

Edible oil industry: 

Raw materials: Oil palm, coconut, groundnut, stabilizers, and other oil products 

Beverage and cosmetic industries: 

Raw materials: Cocoa ad cocoa extracts, Aloe vera, snail slime

Food processing industry: 

Raw materials: gum trees, essential oils, Corn starch, cassava starch, and other derivatives. 

Rubber industry: 

Raw materials: Rubber tree / extracts.  

Sugar industry: 

Raw materials: Sugarcane

Paper industry: 

Raw materials: Trees pulp to make printing, paper, packaging paper, and tissue rolls 

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