The Business Of Snail Farming - How to Become a Multimillionaire through Snail Farming

This is the best path to create a 7 figure income through Agriculture for your family. Watch Now!



At Agric Economy, we understand that success in snail farming is way more than notes.

That’s why we focus on a result oriented consultation process and not just dump notes on you.

For those who would choose to get trained by us and they go setup their snail farm themselves (online or physical consultation)

It’s a 3 phase result oriented program:

  • Phase 1 – Consultation
  • Phase 2 – Report for your execution
  • Phase 3 – Lifetime access course

The phase 1 & 2 will be concluded within a week and phase 3 is self paced where you take the classes at your convenience.

For those who want us to set up their farms for them, we also give practical training for their staff, alongside hand-holding you with our management consulting program just to ensure you succeed in this industry.

So you see our process is very much result oriented and very personalized.

You can’t get this detailed attention anywhere because we are passionate about seeing everyone of our students succeed and we give a guarantee on this.

Can you show me anyone else that will give you a guarantee on results? ‘I doubt you can’

We offer so much value at a very affordable price, you don’t want to miss this.

I mean, we aren’t talking Domino’s pizza here…

But let’s put the money aside first.

If you went on with the consultation and your farm begins making ₦10m per annum guaranteed, would you regret paying the training + consultation fee?

There’s so much value in snail farming that can make you a fortune, all you need is a trusted mentor to hold your hand and guide you through this journey to succeed.

Aside the training you get from us, not to brag but as off-takers we have the biggest platform where we help our clients / students sell off their snails after harvest.

For those who would like to jump on this opportunity in Snail farming,

We offer these three options:

  • Online Training and Consultation – N50,000 (Can be taken on your schedule)
  • Physical Training and Consultation at our farm at Ikorodu, Lagos – N100,000 (Every last Saturday of the month)
  • We setup your farm for you and we train your staff (For people investing at least N1.5m on their farm)

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