How can we take back what our dear country Nigeria has lost to Agriculture?

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There’s so much gap in the Agric production, processing, and packaging space to fill.

Local production needs to boost to accommodate the booming population.

We are working on helping Agribiz entrepreneurs get started in this space with access to land, finance, management, and market for their produce.

It’s going to be a community where everyone grows together, and we are housing everything in an integrated estate.

Acres of land in Ogun State have been secured for this purpose. The location is very close to Canaanland, so you can visit your farm every weekend if you wish.


  • It’ll house the individual farms, and the estate will ensure there’s security for everyone’s farm, so there would be no headache of farmer-herder crisis.

  • It’ll also ensure water supply is available for livestock and irrigation for crop production.

  • We also have plans to have qualified farm staff in place so as an entrepreneur, you can engage them to ensure your biz runs smoothly while you’re at your 9-5.

  • Also situated in the estate would be the processing and packaging cottages, NAFDAC approved facilities where entrepreneurs can refine and package their produce for the local and international market.

  • And lastly, a training institute where adequate and hands on training would be facilitated just because we want to see every member of our community succeed.


We’re not here to solve the problem of Nigeria, I’m here to solve the problem of the Agric Economy!


If this interests you, you may be wondering, how can you come in?


The estate is yet to undergo development, so the first phase is for agribusiness entrepreneurs to acquire their portion of land in the estate.


We are currently offering this at a giveaway price of N750k per plot.


Once we start the development of the estate, the price won’t be less than 200% of its current value.


We want people to secure as much land as possible, so the price is very favorable.


It comes with a title deed of the estate. The survey and c of o are in progress.


Those who come in early can even do land banking and sell when we increase the price for a 200% ROI.


The farmers here would definitely be enjoying a community built for the growth of every member’s success, and together, we can redefine the face of Agriculture in Nigeria!


Would you like to be a part of this vision?


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